What Is Platelet Rich Plasma?

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet Rich Plasma is a popular non-invasive procedure for skin rejuvenation. It basically makes use of one's own blood platelets to stimulate the growth of new cells to help improve complexion and texture, as well as restore facial volume.

Before Treatment Reminders

Regardless of your purpose for PRP therapy, whether it's to increase hair growth or rejuvenate skin, it's highly imperative to go see your doctor or skin care professional for some advice. Would the treatment be safe and effective for you? Do you have conditions that may impact the effectiveness of the treatment or put you in a predicament?

After Treatment Reminders

  • Avoid touching your skin.
  • Avoid harsh cleansing.
  • Until the treated areas are fully healed, refrain from engaging in activities that make you sweat profusely.

Platelet Rich Plasma: How It Works

1. Blood will be drawn from you. The volume will depend on the number of areas you want to be treated. At most, it'll be 30 ml.

2. Your blood will be placed in a centrifuge and spun for 10 minutes max.

3. Once the components of your blood have been separated, the professional will then draw the platelet-rich plasma into a syringe and proceed to inject it into the parts of the skin you want to be treated.

Platelet Rich Plasma: The Results

  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Collagen production could take up to 3 months to occur and will usually vary depending on the individual
  • Unlikely to yield any side effects given that cells are harvested from the patient's own body

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