What Is a Chemical Peel?

What Is a Chemical Peel?

Without a doubt, you can count on chemical peels to improve your skin's appearance. It's a process that causes the skin to "blister" and peel off, revealing the newer, more radiant skin layer underneath. You can have this procedure done on your hands, neck, or face.

Before Treatment Reminders

Prior to getting a chemical peel, it is imperative that you visit your doctor for a medical clearance. You need to prepare yourself in the best possible way for the procedure, including discussing the depth of the peel with our team of skin care professionals. The decision will depend on your skin condition and desired results.

After Treatment Reminders

  • Follow Le Futur Medical Spa's treatment and recovery plan.
  • Put a cool compress on treated area to ease the stinging.
  • Medications may need to be taken for deeper peels.

How Chemical Peels Work

1. Our skin care professional will first clean the patient's skin.

2. Chemical solutions will then be applied to certain areas of your skin to create a controlled wound that let's new skin surface.

3. The patient will typically feel a burning sensation for about 10 minutes before feeling a sting.

4. Bandages may need to be applied to the treated areas for several days.

What to Expect After a Chemical Peel

A sunburn-like reaction usually follows chemical peel procedures. Your skin will appear red and then start to scale. It's imperative that one avoids sun exposure for at least several months after the treatment due to the fragility of their new skin.

Transform and renew your skin's appearance with this exceptional procedure. You can call us at 812-471-2394 to schedule a consultation. We'd love to take you on a successful skin renewal journey!